Stoev modules for VCV Rack

Download from the VCV Library.


Interference is a poly rhythm generator module based on wave motion. It can generate up to 8 separate but interrelated rhythms, providing a wide range of rhythmic patterns – from very simple to very complex. Use it as a trigger sequencer, a clock generator, a clock modulator, or all at once. Even try it as a sound source.

Stoev Interference Eurorack module

Main controls

PLAY button – start/stop the sequence.
TEMPO knob – set the speed of the sequence in BPM.
TEMPO indicator – flashes at the current tempo.
RESET button – restart the sequence.
A, B, C, D – four separate rhythm generators. Each has a:

  • RATIO knob – set the ratio of the rhythm generator to the tempo.
  • RATIO CV input – modulate the ratio with a CV signal.
  • ON/OFF button – turn the rhythm generator on/off.
  • Trigger output – separate output for the rhythm generator.

CV inputs

PLAY – start/stop the sequence with a CV signal.
TEMPO – modulate the tempo with a CV signal.
EXT – set the speed of the sequence with a CV signal. Bypasses the internal tempo.
RESET – restart the sequence with a CV signal.

Trigger outputs

CLOCK – a clock signal at the current tempo.
R – the main sequence – a resultant rhythm generated by the currently active rhythm generators.
R’ – a secondary sequence – a resultant rhythm complementary to R.
ACCENT – the beginning of the sequence – marks each repetition of R.